Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday Catch Up

The recovery is coming along, a bit slower than I'd like. Unfortunately, since I had radiation 3 years ago the healing is slower than if I hadn't had radiation. I still have quite a bit of swelling that is bothering me. I'll be glad when I can see my jaw line again! I've been taking care of the house and kids without extra help this week and that feels good. I usually crash right after dinner and let Jake man the fort from there. Chewing is still a challenge and the blender has become my good friend. I look forward to biting into a nice hamburger soon!

Nathan update: Nathan lost tooth #3 while I was in the hospital. When Jake told me, I cried. I hated that I was missing it and the visit from the tooth fairy. He lost tooth #4 soon after I got home and it was nice to celebrate with him. The tooth fell out as he jump into the pool and Jake had to dive for it. Thank goodness we have a black bottom pool so it was easy to find.

He had his first ever sleepover last Friday night for a birthday party. We were shocked when we woke up Saturday morning and hadn't gotten a call in the night to pick him up. When we did go get him he didn't want to leave. Now he tells us he wants to have a sleepover birthday party too.

Reese update: Reese is off to summer camp each morning this week. He is having a blast and looks forward to it each day. I think he was having some cabin fever because he's been so much more pleasant since starting camp. We are still struggling a bit with getting him to wear a shirt at home and when he does he insists it be tucked in. I'm picking my battles and have let him tuck it in although I really don't like the way it looks....he even has to tuck in his pajama top! I look forward to when this picky wardrobe phase ends.

Both boys are suddenly into Star Wars. Jake rented 1 and 2 and they watched them both over our rainy weekend. We pulled out some of Jake's old toys and there were quite a few Star Wars toys that they have been enjoying. The great thing is that they have spent hour upon hour playing "Star Wars" together. It is so cute to watch them.


karen said...

I am glad your feeling a little Better Hope, I have really been thinking and Keeping those Prayers coming your Way!

Karen (Jen's Sister)

Anonymous said...

It's Lynn from Tampa. It's good to hear you are doing well. I've been thinking about you. I'm in the middle of chemo right now, which I do at the Moffitt Center at TGH. I always think of you when I go by there. Your boys are adorable.
We wish you all the best.

J said...

Sounds like everything is getting somewhat back to normal!
The Star Wars thing is cute. Luke goes through spurts of Star Wars interest...