Thursday, April 26, 2007

An Artist

A Sunflower Garden by Nate

Nathan's school selected 14 students art work to be displayed at the elementary art show for the southern half of our county (53 schools). NATE WAS THE ONLY PRE-K STUDENT FEATURED! We ran into his art teacher as we were leaving and mentioned that we hadn't seen any other Pre-k art. She said she knew. Each school is only allowed 14 students, one from each grade (K - 6th). She only selected one 1st grader just so she'd have a spot for Nathan. How cool is that? We are just oozing with pride.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Monday, April 23, 2007

Going Green

I've found myself more environmentally conscience the last few years. Even more so now that Nate has really taken an interest in Mother Earth. My family recently decided to "Go Green" for our Christmas gift exchange we started last Christmas. Last year our theme was that the gift had to be homemade. That in itself made for some good laughs.......Jake got moonshine from my brother. It was a real hit and we're doing it again this year, but this years theme is "Go Green". We draw names and have a dollar limit so it takes the commercialism and financial element out of the equation.

My eco-friendly weakness........the A/C. Jake likes open windows even if it's 80 degrees and humid....ugh! If it's 78 degrees or more outside my A/C is on. Seventy-six degrees is my preferred temp. How about you? What is your A/C set at?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Top 7

Things I've noticed, what's on my mind and random happenings:

1. While taking Nate to pre-school (Prek - 6th grade) I pass a female student my size (in stature and bust size) and a male student with a premature mustache. Kids are growing up way too fast.

2. Jake and I finally met with an attorney to put together a trust. Something we have had on our mind since Nate was first born. Remember the days when you didn't have any assets to put in a trust or little people's welfare to consider in your absence?

3. I was chugging along perfectly fine until recently when I had a disagreement with one of my docs over a test (to have it or not). I've always played by the rules, done what was asked of me, so I've struggled with this detour from what comes naturally to me. So, no test and while I'm confident (along with two other doctors opinions) I don't need it I find going against my doctors advice unsettling. Oh, and just so you don't think I've got a major medical issue..........I had a low iron count back in the fall. Doc says, "You're bleeding from need a colonoscopy." I say, "Yes, I am bleeding.......I'm a menstruating woman....I don't need a colonoscopy."

4. God bless Jake for working his buns off since our cruise (and the better part of the last 7 years). Never a complaint, just devotion to a thriving business and goal of working less in the future.

5. Overpaid our taxes and getting a refund........unheard of!

6. Signed Nate up for cooking school. A cute program for kids. Maybe soon he'll be cooking dinner for us.

7. Kid's are getting in touch with their feminine side today. Had to run into Wal-greens and I let them go through the 75% off bin of Easter stuff. They picked out these cute little Easter egg purses, but we're not calling them purses..........they're man bags.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bone Marrow

If you have every wanted to make a difference in some one's life, now is your chance. I registered years ago by giving a simple blood sample. Check out, National Donor Marrow Program, and see how simple it is.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Got up this morning and was at a loss of what we could do to entertain ourselves. The rain, which we need desperately, cancelled any outdoor plans we had. We ended up making a Target run and picked up some dog and cat food that we took to the local animal shelter. After dropping off our donation we checked out the animals. We were hoping to see some kittens, but no luck. The barking dogs scared Reese so we spent most of our time in the quiet cat room. No, we are not in the market for a cat or dog. I just thought the kids would like to go see the animals and it makes you feel good to help out, even if in a small way.

Jake convinced me it was a good idea to buy a treadmill. I resisted for years thinking we'd never use it, but a week ago I agreed to the purchase. I've used it every day since and hope I keep it up.

To celebrate my good health and recent comfort with the good and bad aspects of my body, I indulged in a bikini today. I feel young knowing I own a bikini.....that I can fit into.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Autism Scare

I watched a piece on Autism last night. This time 3 years ago we were having Nate tested. Freaked me out. I didn't know much about Autism when we had him tested at 2 1/2. I simply thought he was a late talker. At his first evaluation they threw the term PDD or Pervasive Developmental Disorder at me. At the time I didn't know that included autism. We followed-up with a psychological evaluation and they tested him for autism. To my relief he was fine and we were told he just had a mild language and social delay. He started speech therapy right away and within weeks was talking and after the first year of pre-school his social delay had vanished. I haven't thought about autism since or what that diagnosis would have meant for us........that was until last night. I am so thankful that was not our fate.

I have to comment on Elizabeth Edwards and her and her husbands choice to continue the presidential campaign despite her metastasized cancer. WAY TO GO! The strength and courage it takes to continue living with passion and happiness when you face cancer is nothing less that inspiring.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A Milkshake and a Wink?

I treated the kids to a milkshake at Sonic this afternoon. When I arrive at the pick-up window an attractive, yet mildly masculine (I know, a strange combo) says, "That's $4.01, Babe." It caught me a bit off guard that a woman would use the word babe when speaking to another woman. She takes my money and says, "Thanks sweetie." Humm? Then a moment later I look up and she's looking at me, smiles and I swear I think she winked. Was she busting a move, being friendly, did she think I was a guy? Very strange.