Monday, April 23, 2007

Going Green

I've found myself more environmentally conscience the last few years. Even more so now that Nate has really taken an interest in Mother Earth. My family recently decided to "Go Green" for our Christmas gift exchange we started last Christmas. Last year our theme was that the gift had to be homemade. That in itself made for some good laughs.......Jake got moonshine from my brother. It was a real hit and we're doing it again this year, but this years theme is "Go Green". We draw names and have a dollar limit so it takes the commercialism and financial element out of the equation.

My eco-friendly weakness........the A/C. Jake likes open windows even if it's 80 degrees and humid....ugh! If it's 78 degrees or more outside my A/C is on. Seventy-six degrees is my preferred temp. How about you? What is your A/C set at?

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Jen said...

Usually at 70. Lowest at 65.