Friday, July 11, 2008

Reese...all grown up

I've been watching A LOT of Clean House during my recovery and cant' help but think Reese will look like Matt Iseman when he's all grown up.
I'm saying goodbye to the weight loss ticker. Yes, I reached my weight loss goal, but not exactly the way I wanted to. Now that I can eat, I look forward to gaining the last 10 pounds back! I vow to not worry about my weight so much in the future. This last month sure put things in perspective.


Esther said...

OMG! He does look like Reese!!!!

Good for you for not obsessing about weight. It's just a number. As long as you are healthy, stay active and feel comfortable in your clothes who cares about weight. Besides, everyone's body type is different no matter what you eat or how much you workout. Have you seen that show, 'How to Look Good Naked'? It's amazing how we perceive our bodies to be much bigger than they really are and so different from how others perceive us.

Keep up that speedy recovery, we want you all to come hang us sometime....hopefully soon.

Jen said...

He does look like that guy.

I took the ticker off cuz I got off the diet wagon and stuff. :(

Myra said...

I am so glad you are recovering so quickly. You will soon be back to doing just what you want to do. I am also glad you are not obessing over weight. Just stay healthy skinny or plump.

Love you.

Aunt Myra

AnnMarie said...

LOVE clean house :)

I want to stop by tomorrow afternoon while we are out in your neck of the woods with a milkshake for you. I'll call you to touch base to see if you're up for it.

SarahTakesPics said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It has been wonderful reading your posts, and hearing about you getting better. We can't wait to see everyone in Florida, and it looks like we're bringing you Grandmama!

rach said...

I can recall the first full night sleep overs! Olivia lost her LAST tooth yesterday morning!

About the weight is all about hwo you feel anyhow! I don't like to go by scales...I go by how I feel.

So glad you are feeling better!
Love to you all,
Rach, brad, Liv and ethan