Sunday, February 24, 2008

First T-ball Experience

Nathan was so excited about his t-ball uniform he wanted to sleep in it and wear it to school!

Opening Day for baseball was yesterday. It was complete madness for us newbies. Nathan played his first score, no outs, and each player got a chance to bat before switching to out field.
Nathan and a friend in his class who was playing on the other team.
Last at bat = home run! Notice another player on his team at the edge of the frame coming in after him....Nathan lapped the little dude with his long legged run.Reese trying to hang with the big kids on the playground.

The kids had a sleep over with Nana last night and Jake and I hooked up with his work partners to go see Jerry Seinfeld. It probably goes without saying, but it was a GREAT show. Now, when I should be sleeping in because I don't have my usually 6 and 3 year old wake up call, I'm up. My eyes popped open at 6:45am and I couldn't fall back asleep. Argh! However, Jake is sleeping like a baby.


Anyone else getting strange comments on your blog from users you don't know that say "Look here" (and the word here is a link)? I've gotten three of them and have just been deleting them because I don't know if they are virus related.


Jenny said...

That's so funny, Hope. Right now I'm up, watching VH1, checking blogs, and eating breakfast. I automatically woke up at 6:30 because MY Jake normally wakes up then. He's snoozing right now though. I just couldn't stay in bed. For one thing, I'm HUNGRY. You know how I am in the morning with my food.

Anyway, adorable photos. Makes me excited about Luke doing that sometime soon. He wants to play soccer too...Nathan is so tall and long legged! So handsome. And that pic of Reese on the playground tugged at my heartstrings. I just wanna squeeze him. :)

AnnMarie said...

Go Mets!

So cute :)

Mom Tu-Tu said...

I can tell you live in a warm climate area! We've got snow on the ground here.

Anonymous said...

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