Monday, March 24, 2008

Night Travel

We'll be on our way home in about an hour. Just before leaving Kurt's we checked to see if our flight was on time and no such luck, an hour and a half delay. The good news is we have some extra time to hang out with the TN Clan and I'm fitting a little blogging in too. We have had a great time and while this was a way over due visit it was perfect timing all the way around. We won't be getting home until around 1:30 in the morning, which could be interesting with the kids. Jake has work tomorrow and Nate has will be a rough morning.

I will post pictures tomorrow.


We arrived home shortly after 2am. The kids were great though. Here are some pictures.


AnnMarie said...

glad you are home safe! kurt's boys are so big! that's them right? wow I feel old. looks like a good time :)

let's get together soon, i'll give you a ring and maybe we can sneak a lunch in some day soon.

guava lava said...

great to see photos of all the boys together! i saw kurt and his boys a little over a year ago at dennis and nancy's house - kurt did not even recognize me at first. hilarious!