Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Nesting, Adoption, Baby and Pics

It must be premature spring fever because I've been organizing for days. I don't think I've done this since my pregnancy nesting days. It all started when I found these cute Boat and Tote Storage Bins and thought they would be perfect for the playroom.

I took the old baskets I had in the playroom and used them to organize my closet.

And somehow when I was unloading the dishwasher yesterday I found myself cleaning out the kitchen cabinets. When Jake and I saw the episode of Friends when Chandler discovers Monica's closet crammed full of stuff, Jake said, "That's totally you." I look clean and organized on the surface, but behind the scene is a different story. The good news is that I'll get a wild hair and start organizing my untidy places just to let it go to pot again. We'll see how long it will last this time.


Congratulations go out to my Aunt Myra who got word yesterday that child services will be taking steps to make her two foster girls, 7 and 3, adoptable. She is so excited. A number of things have to happen to make it all come together, but she just may become a mom before her 50th birthday! Congrats!


Another congratulations go out to my brother, Will and his wife who are expecting their 2nd child this summer. The unofficial word is that it is a boy!


Here are two recent pictures of Reese I just had to share...

He came down stairs the other day with a bunch of bathing suits saying he wanted to swim. He took off his pajamas and put ALL of them on. I think it was about 60 degrees we let him swim in the tub.

Nathan had a birthday party to go to the other night so Jake and Reese hung out and watched football. Jake showed me this picture when I got home....Cheerios and beer for dinner.....


Jamie said...

Holy Moses, that beautiful organization gives me goosebumps! You look like you need some more practice...why don't you come on over here and try out my closets!

Jenny said...

LOVE the closet! I want one like that! And I want you to organize it! :) Maybe this spring?

The beer pic is great!

AnnMarie said...

beer pic is sooo Jake!

Closets look amazing :)

Daddy-O said...

Beer and Cheerios...the breakfast (or dinner) of champions!