Friday, January 18, 2008

Come Blog With Me

Finally, my blog roll is growing as some of my fellow friends have caught the blogging bug. I want to personally invite a few other's to join in the fun...

Myra, I'd love for you to start a blog about your life with those two beautiful girls you have in your life now. There are a lot of us who admire what you are doing and want to hear all about it!

Jennifer N., fellow stay at home mommy of two boys that rock, won't you blog with me?

Natalie, with two teenage daughters I KNOW you have something to say.

Jennifer P., blogging can be very therapeutic, plus, I know you would entertain the hell out of us!

OK, so there you have it, an official invitation to click "create blog" in the upper right of the screen. Or just click here. It's easy and fun! Come on, inquiring minds what to know.

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