Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Boss and the Passing of Time

Nathan tells me this morning as he opens the very full hamper to put his pj's in, "Mom, you need to do some laundry today."

The other night Reese went to bed early due to a missed and much needed nap so Jake and I dug out our first video's of Nathan and sat and watch with him. He was amazed he was ever that small and loved watching himself. I, in turn, felt like it was 20 years, not 6, that Nathan was ever a baby. You know how people tell you all the time to charish your kids because they grow up so fast. They are right, but I don't care how much you charish each step of growing up it still goes by way too fast.

Some other things the kids say that I need to document before they stop saying them and I forget:

Veronica = Harmonica (Reese)
Grattoo = Tattoo
Nakum = Napkin
Noka = Mocha (our dog)

1 comment:

Jen said...

Sweet entry.
Reminds me of what Luke said to me the other day:
"Mom, you need to clean my room!"

I told him, "No, you need to clean your room!" :)