Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Disgusting or Resourceful and More Organizing

Reese and I headed out to Target and Office Depot this morning. Like most 3 year olds, he is not a big fan of shopping so I packed my bag with snacks and entertainment, hoping for a stress free outing. Thankfully it was an uneventful morning and I was able to pick up a few more organizing tools like a really cool label maker. I'm not even sure what I'm going to label, but I couldn't resist it. I'm not sure what has come over me.

Jake came home last night to find I had made labels for the canvas bins I put in the toy room. I printed off "Lego's, Power Rangers, Cars" etc., laminated them and used Velcro pieces to stick them to the canvas. I was pleased with myself. Jake thinks I've lost my mind. Nathan is already learning how to read the label's and now we don't have to pull them off of the shelf to see what is in them. I think it's genius....and maybe a little anal.

Reese was so good while shopping we stopped by Snip-It's instead of our normal hair cut spot and he got the royal kid treatment while getting his hair cut. They even spiked his hair up and put some wash out green streaks in it. He loved it.

On the way home this morning I had one last stop, the bank. Right in the middle of my deposit in the drive through Reese insists he has to go pee-pee and NOW. I think over my options, risk waiting until the teller sends my stuff back through the tube or grab the empty sippy cup in the cup holder and let him make a little deposit of his own. I play it safe, tell him to unbuckle and come up front. He stands in the passenger side floor space and I hold out the cup. He says, "Is this a potty?" I said yes and the little guy did his business and hopped back into his seat, all before the teller sent us our receipt. If you are wondering, the sippy cup was one of those keep or toss kind so yes, it got tossed when we got home. Disgusting or resourceful...I vote resourceful.

Nate brought home his second report card of Kindergarten....all S's (A's) again. Yippee! He was so proud of himself....and I was too.


AnnMarie said...

when we used to travel for distance my mom brought cool whip dishes for us to sit on :) You do what you have to!

Stacy said...

We've had our 'fill' (ha) of pee-in-a-cup emergencies, too! There's always (sadly) something in the van that can be used. We actually have a potty chair in the back now & have used it at least a couple of times!

Snip=its sounds cool! I wanna see a green & spikey pic! Is it too late to get one?

Jen said...

I see sippy cups full of pee pee in my future...hmmmm

Good idea.

Now that he's potty trained (95 percent potty trained) I'm in for a whole new world, huh?