Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Teeth, Zoo Animals and Work Fun

About a month ago I went away for a girls weekend, leaving Jake in charge of the kids. I came home to find Reese with a busted lip. Jake had taken them to the park and he got hit in the face with a tire swing. It was a pretty hard hit because his lip took over a week to heal. Fast forward to this week, I notice his two front teeth look gray or is it grey....I digress. He has an appointment with the dentist tomorrow. Will they pull his teeth? Will he be front toothless for 3 years until his grown-up teeth come in or will he just have gray/grey teeth for that long?

This morning Jake went into work a little later than usual so the kids climbed in bed with him when they woke up. Nathan says, "Daddy, you smell like a zoo animal." Cracked me up!

Jake is treating his employee's to a day of fun. Yesterday he told them to dress comfortably, but he wouldn't give up any other details. He arrived at work this morning with muffins, juice and a breakfast casserole I made, t-shirts for everyone that said Team Civil 2007 on the front and their last name, nickname and 07 (like a jersey) on the back. A limo arrived at 10:00 to take them to Medieval Times and putt-putt golf. What a cool boss he is!


Anonymous said...

We know a little boy who ran into a wall pretty hard at age 3 and got a gray is having them just leave it be until it falls out on its own.

Jake sounds like a great boss...but I bet he does smell like a zoo animal! hahaha (jk!)
:) mere

AnnMarie said...

i have so many things to say to the zoo animal comment i can hardley contain myself. tell jake your kids very smart and i will keep my thoughts to myself but I love it!

also knew a little girl with grey teeth, they left it too.