Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Happenings

We went to Christmas party the other night. It was given by a client of Jake's, an amazing couple with an amazing house. It was the first time I've ever arrived to valet parking at someones house. Jake and I guessed this shin-dig probably cost around $20,000. Can you imagine spending that much to entertain for one evening?

My Christmas shopping is done!

This morning I set up our NOEL lighted sign in the yard, except it doesn't spell NOEL. We changed the letters around to spell NOLE (Seminoles), but the E and L are the only letter that will light up. After a half hour of working on it I gave up, argh! I like to look at outside lights, but I don't like putting them up.

We surprised the kids with a Polar Express train for under the tree. It has been so much fun.

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Jenny said...

Love the tree and train.