Saturday, September 29, 2007

Week 11

Gym Manager Need To Go Poo

My gym managers, Nate and Reese, so graciously watched Cars while I knocked out my 5 mile run. Amazingly, my only interruption during the hour and 10 minutes was Nate informing me Reese need to go poo. I told Nate I'd give him a buck to walk Reese down stairs and help him. Nate loves money right now so he jumped at the chance to earn a dollar. No sooner had I asked him to do me this favor I remembered we had stashed their birthday presents in that bathroom and immediately jumped off the treadmill and told him I'd take Reese to the bathroom. Reese pipes in and says he wants Nate to take him to the potty not me. I started to get irritated thinking the rest of my run would be screwed if I didn't get back to it...quick. Just then I remembered our training potty was just down the stairs in the garage and I ran down and got it. Reese immediately thought sitting on his potty while watching TV was a cool idea and he was sold. Nate started to wonder if he was still going to get his dollar. I told him if he made sure Reese didn't make a mess and he helped wipe his bum he'd still get the dollar. I handed him some paper towel and hoped back on the treadmill. A few minutes later, Nate popped his head in and told me Reese went potty, but that he was upset his "pretend flusher button" didn't make the poo go down the drain. Cracked me up. I finished my run and promptly paid my gym managers a dollar each for being so good and handling the potty situation on their own.

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