Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Birth Story

It was Saturday night and I was bloated from all I had eaten at Rochelle's baby shower (for Samantha). Jake was itching to go out. All I wanted to do was lay on the couch and watch more 9/11 coverage. We were still 3 1/2 weeks from Nathan's due date so when I got up to do the dishes and felt a "leak" (not the gush that you hear about) we didn't think a whole lot about it. Just to be safe I called the doc and they asked me to come down to the hospital to check for sure. We casually threw the hospital bag in the car and headed out about 10:00pm. We were certain we'd be back home. On the way over I told Jake I had these weird menstrual-ish feelings that came and went. It didn't even cross my mind that they could be.....maybe CONTRACTIONS! Again, weren't contractions suppose to make me grab my belly and double over like in the movies? Anyway, we get to the hospital and his sweet little old lady insists I ride up to maternity in a wheelchair. I tell her I'm fine to walk and that I'm not in labor. She insists so I hitch the ride. They get us settled into a room and ask for a urine sample so I head to the bathroom. As I'm leaving the bathroom, the gush comes...all over the floor. I think I was in shock because when Jake said he was going to clean it up I demanded that he leave it alone so the nurse/dr can examine it and see what it is. Somehow I still thought maybe my water had not broken. Will and Anna show up with a milkshake from Steak and Shake that unfortunately I couldn't drink and then the mean night nurse rushes them out saying there won't be a baby for a long time so they ought to leave. I wish I had ignored the grumpy nurse and told them to stay. The doctor shows up and puts me on pitocin. I labor into the night and just when I think I'll be getting an epidural I'm told I can't. I was never that worried about the pain of contractions, but consumed in the pain I envisioned the actual birthing would cause. When I learned I'd be having the baby without a precious epidural I cried and cried hard. Then it was time to push. Strangely, pushing felt good and I don't remember any pain. Jake remembers a slightly different scenario and I will admit I was a bit out of my mind (really) so his dramatic version is probably more accurate. I pushed for a very ungraceful 36 minutes. Nathan entered the world at 5:41am on Sunday, September 30, 2001 weighting 7 lbs. 6 oz. It's been an amazing 6 years. Happy Birthday Baby!


Mom Tu-Tu said...

What a sweet picture! I hope he had a great birthday!

Jen said...

Happy bday (a little late)!