Monday, March 2, 2009

Bottoming Out - Sweatpants

Sunday morning I knew I had absolutely bottomed out --- yeah that's right I was wearing sweatpants for the third day in a row. I had put them on when I got home on Friday, Saturday after our games, and then first thing Sunday morning. Mind you I only have one pair and nothing says I've completely given up like sweatpants. Now they are so comfortable but inexcusable to wear multiple days in a row unless you've bottomed out. The good news is that if I'm thinking about such things, I was starting to improve. The symbolism of me ripping off the sweatpants for a real pair of shorts (yes I did put something else on in case the neighbors came over) coincided with me really starting to feel better. I had my first good day since last Monday, I got a ton of stuff done, had some fun, and wasn't upset during the day at all. If I just knew it was as simple of taking off sweatpants I would have done it days ago. Who knew???

Another thing I realized is that Hope must have always kept my drawing strings in check on sweats, short, jammer bottoms, etc. Because now everything I own with a drawstring has only one end hanging out. I can't figure out how to get the other end back out (is there some magic power Mom's have to do this that men just aren't born with?). I don't remember having this issue on such a global stage (by that I mean most of my drawstrings but I have a flair for the dramatic) before so this must be one of the many little things I didn't even appreciate previously.

Saturday was crazy, one of those days I really missed Hope. Reese had his first ever Mini-kickers practice on Saturday at 9 AM in Viera (about 20 minutes from Melbourne) and he scored two goals in the first few minutes of their scrimmage. He was so proud and I have pics of both goals. Nathan was there helping him, practicing with him, and giving him the cutest instructions on what to do. It was definitely a proud papa moment and I really missed Hope during that time. We both looked so forward to watching him start to play sports because he always wanted to be out there with Nathan's teams (and sometimes he was). One of his happiest moments at the Christmas before last was when he got a pair of cletes for the first time.

We then raced off to Nathan's first soccer game of the season (10:15 AM at Wickham Park in Melbourne) that we got there about 10 minutes late and then had to leave about 15 minutes early. The way our screwy league does it as one of the coaches they split the teams into two squads and have you spend half of your time with each half of the team. That really stunk because then I was not with Nathan for the second half of his game. We split our team into boys and girls and unfortunately our girls were way overmatched so it wasn't fun for them. We even played 5 on 4 and we were stll blown away.

By 11:15 AM we had to be at basketball for Nathan's last game of the season. The Celtics blew out the Magic 22 to 10 and the game wasn't even that close. It really came down to absolutely genius schemes from the coach for that kind of a lop-sided victory. The kids had a blast, they passed great, received trophies, and then since the kids beat the coaches in the last practice on Thursday I brought all of them a popsicles and Capri-Suns.

After the game of course it was really hectic handling all of the kids and when I was loading up mine I realized Reese had left his small black FSU backpack in the gym (it had all his Leapster games because I didn't have any help this weekend he sat on the bench and played his game). I then realized my wallet and cel phone were in the bag too. So we spent the next hour searching the gym for the backpack with a cordless phone I kept call it hoping to hear it ring or that someone else would and pick it up. This was of course during another game so you can imagine I was unsuccessful. At this point in the day I'm fried, just wanted to get something to eat but of course could not without a wallet, so we just went home.

Later in the day I found out that the assistant coach had seen the backpack laying here, picked it, couldn't find me, so he took it home. He left messages on my cellular thinking I had it but didn't hear it ring until later on. He was also trying to call the gym but he was trying when I was walking around with the phone so he could not get through. Bottom line is that Reese is no longer in charge of my wallet and cellular phone, I guess I could have thought that one through in the beginning. That's one thing wiht depression, you're definitely not as sharp as you normally are.

The other strange thing about depression for me (at least I thought it was strange) is that I do not drink at all. I really thought I would want to drink a lot more trying to make myself feel better but not a drop. My liver is screaming at me like Chris' zit on Family Guy but I've just not had any interest at all. The good news is that I think I'm climbing out of my fog, not wearing sweatpants at all today, and maybe I'll even be able to whack a few back this evening for my liver's sake. TGIM, at least that's how I feel this morning as I feel good in the AM for the first time in almost a week.


AnnMarie said...

there is a secret to the sweatpants envolves a safety pin and a mind like McGyver!

remind me next time we chat and i'll tell ya :)

Daddy-O said...

Glad it looks like we won't have to call in the clowns, I mean the FSU pep squad (oh wait aren't those the same thing?) to help pull you out of your funk. I guess last week was your "backslide" period that everyone talks about happening after all the shock and misery calms down enough for you to think things are returning to normal; although for you and many of us I know that normal now has a new meaning without Hope here.

Once you're back to your old self your liver and mine should get together. Mine needs a good talking to, it's been slacking off a bit lately. Maybe when you make it up here at the end of the month?

Holy cow, I just saw that the Pats traded Mike Vrabel and Matt Cassel to the Chiefs for their 34th overall pick in April! What's up with that?

Myrtle's Mayhem said...

Ann-Marie beat me to it...I was going to share the safety pin secret with you! It's a'll be non-butt crack showin' before you know it!

Glad to hear you are doing better!


Anonymous said...

Helpful hint....make sure your strings have an extra knot tied at the ends. This helps keep them from disappearing and needing armed forces to get them back out.
I have tied 3 knots if I thought it needed it.
Maybe this will help for future reference.

Anonymous said...

ok ladies....I give up. What's the safety pin secret?

Anonymous said...

Pul string all the way out. Pin a safety pin to one end and feed through a hole. Pull the string through by feeling the pin and sliding it along. When you get the pin end out tie a big knot on both ends of the string to keep it from pulling back inside.

Anonymous said...

I now know how to avoid losing the strings in pants...think I would have known how to do that! "The more you know...." remember that tv ad??

So glad to hear the pants are off(and replaced with somehting else, of course!) and you are feeling better. You made me laugh outloud when you referred to Chris Griffin's talking zit. What a funny episode that was.
I really enjoy reading/listening to different points of view on religion. I think you might be on to something...

Love from the Arctic(where we just got another FOOT of snow!!)
rach :)

as I am getting ready to post this, the "word verification" I have to type in to allow the post is "noled" ! Go Noles!! I still like how you set up the Noel sign in your front yard at Christmas to say "Nole" :)

Trish Scholer LeBouef said...

The comments on the sweatpant string has been very enlightening. Who would have thought Jake's pant drama could have sparked such a good conversation. Thanks everyone -

Hugs Jake, thinking of you and the boys ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't think loosing a string in sweat pants is really concidered "bottoming out" I think pulling the string out completely and wearing suspenders is concidered "bottoming out"