Monday, January 12, 2009


We were all amazed at the unbelievable showing of love and support for Hope during her celebration of life on Sunday. Most esimated over 300 people attended. The church said they have never seen anything like it before. I only wish everyone that came was comfortable and could see and hear everything said. Will (Hope's brother) brought down the house with his unbelievable words and heartfelt sentiments. Sybil Gage, along with my cousins Brad Martin and Joe Long were incredible with their music under the toughest conditions of space and their own feelings of remorse.

Thanks to all that attended, tried to attend, wanted to attend, and that came back to our house afterwards. We had an amazing celebration of Hope through music, love, prayer, and food/drink. I was not struck down despite using words like penis and vagina due to my inexperience in church. The turnout blew us all away, and Hope was given an amazing send-off like she deserves. I love you Hope, like water (Oprah, David Bloom, chocolate, and Kirk Herbstreit) and I'm wiggling my fingers at my eyebrows. Wow, what an amazing celebration of a single life. Hope is the perfect word for you now and forever.

Just Jake.


Anonymous said...

Again...smiling with tears in my eyes. A co-worker came into my office today to tell me that she has shared Hope's story with many. She printed off each new post and read it with her co-worker as they each sat and cried - sadness for you, the boys and your family, sadness for Hope's last suffering, and definitely self-evaluation. "Are we living lives that honor God and those we love? Are we creating a life that will become a legacy others will be moved by? Do we inspire others? Do we share our passions with others? If we love someone, have we told them? If someone loves us...have we thanked them?" Thank you Hope, and thank you Jake for keeping Hope alive.
~ Walker

Trish Scholer LeBouef said...


So good to hear from you. I heard the celebration had standing room only. I only Hope that someday, I will have made such an amazing impact on so many lives. I said it years ago when I first heard of her journey, "I want to be Hope when I finally grow up." Sending hugs - Trish

Anonymous said...

We love you!!!
rach brad liv and ethan :) :) :)