Saturday, January 10, 2009

Only Hope

My brother and I were trying on some new clothes Hope's mom and brother/sister-in-law were kind enough to purchase yesterday for the boys to have something more sophisticated to wear than jeans when I went looking in their closets for shoes. To some Crocs, flops or Nikes just don't say I'm dressed up and respectful (this is coming from a guy that has not put on a pair of pants or used a hair brush in about 7 weeks) so I agreed to find some shoes. As I'm going through Reese's closet I find two pairs of khakis, two button-down dress shirts, two belts, and a tie that Hope had to have ordered.

They (of course) fit perfectly and I just lose it. I start thinking only Hope the master planner of all planners would have ordered the clothes she wanted for her boys to wear to her own life celebration. Hope I know you'll be there with us watching, your boys will be looking dapper just like you wanted. Me, I'm trying to see if I can even find pants and a shirt with some buttons but Hope gave up on me dressing as nicely as the boys a long time ago.

I think everyone knows, but just in case we are celebrating Hope's life at 2 PM (I suggest getting there about 1:45 PM) on Sunday at the Cocoa Beach Community Church at the intersection of 1st Street South and Highway A1A (this is the church we were married in). Then we are inviting everyone back to our house in Melbourne at 4283 Turtlemound Road (from US 1 take Post Road to the end, turn right and we are the second to last house on the right). We are going to celebrate a one of a kind woman today, only Hope.

- Just Jake.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for yet another story to make us all smile in the midst of the pain. Enjoy (as best you can) a wonderful celebration of a beautiful woman. My thoughts, prayers and hugs are with the WiseMen, family and friends.
- Walker

Renee said...

My prayers are with you today! My heart goes out to you and the boys and family! May Gods "Hope" bring you through this time and may you find peace beyond understanding! ((((hugz))))))
God Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Jake, I know that today had to be tough. Please know that all of us who couldn't make the celebration, spent the day remembering Hope (many highschool homeroom memories) and thinking of the three Wise men. I pray that you found some peace and comfort in the celebration of a remarkable woman's life.
God Bless you and the boys.

Anonymous said...

This is a bittersweet day for you, and all those who knew and loved Hope. May there more smiles and laughter than tears. When the tears come may you find comfort and peace in your memories of all things Hope.

Anonymous said...

Those boys sure looked dapper. Hope was certainly smiling along with everyone at her celebration. What an incredible way to honor and celebrate the life of an amazing, strong, beautiful, one of a kind woman. She will coninue to be an inspiration to us all.
We love you and can't wait until we can get together again.
rach, brad, liv and ethan :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Jake,
I so appreciate your honesty. And reading your blog has affected me deeply. I am so thankful for my husband and children. Your loss has made me see how I have taken my family for granted. Thank you!

I would not pretend to know the answers to your difficult questions. But I do know of an excellent resource that answers some of them. This resource is by far the most enduring and authenticated piece of literature ever known to man. If we were to dismiss it, we would also have to reject every other piece of ancient literature as well as many modern works as recent as Shakespeare. In the Middle Ages, the ruling power of the civilized world – the Roman Catholic Church- attempted to keep it from the people; but men gave their lives to make this incredible book accessible. In the modern era, rulers have sought to outlaw it and people around the world today are in prison simply for owning this powerful book. It is the Word of God.

This book has a main character. And yet, we are not introduced to him until two thirds into the story. For thousands of years, from creation to the Roman Empire, this book foreshadows the coming of its hero. And then he appears and turns the world upside down!! What is he like? Imagine the most wonderful person you’ve ever known. (I think it’s safe to say that person is Hope!) But this man was more than wonderful – he was perfect. Actually, he was God. He had everything – literally!! Everything in heaven and earth belonged to him and he was the ruler and upholder of the universe. He willingly left that position and came to earth as a human. And he did not even come as a human ruler. The one who is the divine sovereign over all came as a lowly human servant. Why? because there existed a great chasm between God and man. God created man to enjoy fellowship with him. But man rebelled against God. All of mankind has become an enemy of God’s. All are guilty before God and deserve judgment. I know this is a very politically incorrect thing to say. But it’s not simply my theory. It is actually what the Bible says (and has said for thousands of years). But God, out of his love for man, sent his perfect son, Jesus Christ, to bridge the chasm. Jesus lived the perfect life that none of us could. He never even entertained an evil thought or had a selfish desire. But God punished him for our sins. It was the greatest exchange ever made. Jesus took our guilt, and offers us his innocence.

Please believe me that I do not at all intend to belittle the great tragedy that you and your family have endured. But I ask you to consider the magnitude of what this Man, Jesus, has done in light of your current situation. It is hard for any of us to understand why one as loving and caring as Hope was taken so early in life by cancer. Hope was a wonderful and giving wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. She was without doubt a beautiful and special person. But she was not flawless. Consider this: Jesus was flawless and he bore the punishment for the crimes of many. He did this to give us access to God. He did it that we might be forgiven. And his very words were, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except by me.” He has all of your answers. And He says, “Seek and you shall find, ask and you shall receive, knock and the door will be open to you.” I would implore you to do this.

I do not know why God took Hope from you. But I do know that He gave up his son. And perhaps your suffering and questions will lead you to the greatest treasure you could ever own!

Thank you so much for sharing this part of your life. I don't think you will ever fully know the impact it has had on so many...

You and your boys are in my thoughts and prayers. Lara