Monday, June 2, 2008

Today and Tomorrow

Today, Jake and I were back over in Tampa for some more pre-op work. After my appointment we decided to walk over to Dr. A's office (about a block away from where we were) and see if we could meet with a nurse or P.A. to answer some additional questions we had. As we approached the back door of the building and entered, guess who was coming right at us? Dr. A. I have to say this must have been Devinne intervention because this is a HUGE medical complex with thousands of employees. What are the odds? We stopped to talk with him and he said he would be happy to speak with us and to meet him down in his office. Five minutes later we were in a conference room and he spent at least 20 minutes going over things with us. At my original appointment he had mentioned a 20 year old girl who had recently had the same surgery I'm about to have and had recovered beautifully. I asked if he would pass on my number to her because I thought it would be helpful to speak to someone who had gone through the surgery. By the time we arrived back home, Dr. A and Stephanie (the 20 year old) had both left messages.

I called Stephanie back and we had a nice conversation. She speaks beautifully. She has just started the same chemo and radiation I did three years ago so I answered her questions about that and she answered mine about he surgery. It's all still scary, but I feel so much better now.


Tomorrow my little Kindergartner turns into a 1st grader!


After celebrating Kindergarten graduation I'll be glued to the TV, watching the final Democratic Primary results. GO OBAMA!


AnnMarie said...

so glad to hear the trip to moffit went so well today. san diego is great, I am on the internet for just a few minutes and I am so glad to see you posted so I could hear how the day went.


Jen said...

Obama vs McCain...hmmmm