Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's, New Pictures

Today's rainy weather gave us the perfect opportunity to stay in and make our Valentine's. I spent most of the morning watching TV and cutting out hearts so when Nathan got home from school we could get to work.
We made these cute ones for their teachers, the picture doesn't show it, but that's a hot cocoa mix inside the cup.
These are my favorites. That is an 8" red glow bracelet stuck through a card stock heart. We had to be really careful putting these together so we didn't "break" the glow stick and set he glowing in motion.

Jake and I had a conversation last night about a Vermont Teddy Bearr commercial we had seen. The commercial shows a guy sitting at his desk at work when he notices on his calendar that the next day is Valentine's Day. With few clicks of his mouse he orders a bear online and when his girlfriend receives the bear the next day at her office all the women come running over to check it out and ask her how she found a man so thoughtful! It was really cheesy. I don't think we have ever exchanged gifts on Valentine's Day or our anniversary. Well, one year Jake gave me a gift certificate to the spa for our anniversay and I was so mad. It always stinks when someone comes baring gifts and you are empty handed. February 1st was our 11th anniversary (HOLY SMOKES) and we vowed to continue the no gift giving theme. It works for us. Although, I might expect something "sparkly" on our 25th or 50th! Anyone else do no gifts for Valentine's and/or anniversary?

We got a new digital camera and I just got around to setting it up to download pictures and had to post this one. This is of last Thursday's Shuttle launch.

Oh, and I'm flying high with Obama's recent wins! I am for the first time in my life enjoying politics. It was my New Years resolution in 2007 to pay more attention. It was grooling early on to not fast forward the polical segments of the Today Show, but now I catch myself watching CNN and MSNBC to to hear the latest on the election. To go along with my 07 resolution Jake gave me the Everything American Government Book, which I've been toting around here and there reading when I nerdy! I have to catch up on all those social studies classes I snoozed through!


Jen said...

We exchange gifts on both. Cuz I'm greedy like that. :) I like your valentine stuff!!! Fun!

AnnMarie said...

what kind of camera did you get? I am on the search for a new one...great pics and fun valentines.

we just do cards. well, I always get a card and then Rob either does or doesn't, but somehow he feels like he didn't do enough either way and we go to dinner.