Saturday, December 15, 2007


We had our neighbors over for dinner last night. Over the last year and a half of living here we've really gotten to know them, attending each other's kids birthday parties, seeing each other at school and impromptu play dates in the driveway. They have two girls, 10 and 7 and while in strong contrast to our boys, 6 and 3 they play so well together. We grilled out and enjoyed the 80 degree Florida December weather while the kids played. When they left I halfway expected the house to be in shambles because we sat and talked for hours while the kids played hide and seek and threw paper airplanes and snowflakes off the stairs. After they left and in the process of getting the kids ready and into bed I noticed the play room was clean with only a few toys remaining on the floor and the kids bedrooms were virtually untouched. Maybe it was the girl factor and maybe that they are older and making a mess of things just to make a mess no longer interest them. I'm still waiting to Reese to give that game up.

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Mom Tu-Tu said...

I would love to have 80 degree weather in December! How cool!