Monday, December 17, 2007

Surprise Birthday Party

I pulled off my first real "Room Mom" responsibility today. When I found out, Nate's teacher, Ms. C's birthday was Jan 1st I immediately starting thinking of how the class could celebrate being that we'll all be out on winter break on her actual birthday. Her class goes to art on Monday mornings and I got to know the art teacher a little bit last year when Nathan went to the art show. I asked her if I could have the kids decorate a Happy Birthday sign during class and surprise Ms. C when she came to get them. I made shirts for all the kids that said, "Ms. C ROCKS!" and one for her that says, "Ms. C's Class ROCKS! I arrived to the art class about 5 minutes ahead of the class and hid in the bathroom. I felt like a complete idiot the entire time. Thankfully, Ms. C dropped the kids off within a few minutes and I was able to escape the potty. The kids did such a good job with the sign and all got their shirts on. Right before Ms. C was due back they lined up with their letters to spell out Happy Birthday, we turned out the lights and waited. The kids were so good. They had to wait about 2 minutes in the dark. When Ms. C opened the door we turned the lights on and shouted HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She was so surprised. We headed back to her classroom for cake and presents. I would love to post a picture, but to respect the privacy of the kids and Ms. C I can't.


AnnMarie said...

so glad it worked out! sounded like fun :)

Jen said...

That's awesome. You are a good mom and teacher friend! :)