Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat

The kids had fun trick or treating. Nathan's been sick so we kept it simple and went to a dozen or so houses on our street. I can't believe the kind of candy my neighbors give out...full size candy bars, goody bags like you get at a party and loads of chocolate. I stepped it up a bit this year and handed out M&M's and little packs of play-doh, but it still didn't quite measure up.

Nathan followed his love of everything space and dressed at an astronaut. Reese wanted to go as Diego and lived in his costume all week only to change his mind in the minutes before trick or treating and put Nathan's Power Ranger costume from last year on. He's wearing a t-shirt, shorts and two pair of underwear on underneath...he obviously dressed himself.

Nathan handing out candy to the girls from across the street.

Reese had a hard time with portion control. If he was given the choice to serve himself he grabbed candy after candy until we put the brakes on his greediness. We had to prep him before each house, "Just one candy, Reese."

Happy Halloween!

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