Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fish News and 1st Report Card

Nathan got his first report card today. I didn't even realize today was progress report day until I was cleaning out Nate's back pack after dinner. The grading system for Kindergarten gives S's, T's and N's.
S= Successfully meeting standards
T= Time/support needed to consistently meet standards
N= Not meeting standards, need attention

NATE GOT ALL S's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 41 of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I told him about his progress report and explained what the S's, T's and N's were he said, "I guess CR (kid who hit him awhile back) got all N's...I tried not to laugh.

Two weeks ago Reese picked out a baby Dalmatian Molly fish at the pet store. We got him for free because they said he probably wouldn't make it. Well, he thrived until today. I found him stuck to the suction tube of the water filter. I immediately turned it off and out he popped, swimming around like always. Later, I check on him and he was just sitting on the bottom of the tank. By tonight he was dead. I was so sad. I have never mourned a fish, but this little fish was so cute and fun to watch. He was about as big as a little rice crispy. Reese named him Tiny and we would sit at the tank and watch him every day. I hated to tell the kids, and I was shocked when they said, "oh" and then right on playing. I took it harder than they did!


Stacy said...

Congrats on the great progress report! I know you're thrilled :)

Kids and pets...you just never know. It's been so hard to talk the kids into us running back to the house to check on the gerbil on a regular basis. When I tell them it would be cruel to let her die from starvation of thirst, Ray told me, "she's just a gerbil!"

Good grief! What's wrong with them?

Anna said...

Congratulations on the report card. Just remember that it's all arbitrary.

You don't really find pleasure in the other child's difficulty, right? That's kind of cold.

Anna said...

Oh, why in the world do they get 41 "grades"? Let me guess... dental hygiene, color coordination, and skipping ability? That's silly...41...really? I think I had three in kindergarten.

AnnMarie said...
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AnnMarie said...

What's that book.."Everything I ever needed to learn I learned in Kingergarten"?

"Plays well with others" is one I think of often as an adult we still use.

Good Job