Monday, October 22, 2007


Nate is crazy about money lately. Back over the summer we cleaned out the playroom and I promised we'd have a garage sale so they could sell their stuff...this is the only way they were agreeable to part with their loot. So, we finally had a garage sale. It is the first time I've had one. Nathan and Reese got personalized cash boxes last Christmas so they set up shop and went to selling. Nathan ran a very serious operation while Reese played in a cardboard box. At the end of 4 hours they made $110 (I contributed some merchandise too). They split the earnings, kept some for spending and we took the rest to the bank today. I set up savings accounts for them back when they were babies and over the years have made deposits when they received money gifts. This was the first time they actually made a deposit of their own. Nathan walked right up to the teller window and told her he wanted to make a deposit and that he also wanted to trade two one dollar bills for a two dollar bill. Unfortunately, they didn't have any two dollar bills, but he did get a one dollar gold coin and that made him happy. The other day when he discovered Santa made a dollar bill he said he wanted one, but he wanted a Santa twenty dollar bill not a one!

We just started giving Nathan an allowance. After he was intrigued by a check mom had written me to pay me back for something I paid him his allowance with a check. I had him sign the back of his check and then I took him to the bank to cash it. The teller had him sign his receipt and he happily walked out of the bank with his cash. It was priceless.

He gets in A in Money 101.

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