Sunday, October 21, 2007


Week 12/ going on 14:

I gave myself week 12 off. My mind just wasn't in the right place. I allowed myself to indulge in food, escape into a good book (Eat, Pray, Love) and relax. I thought the guilt would set in, but it never did. Once week 13 rolled around in came the guilt....knocking loudly at my door. I had doctors orders not to exercise the few days before my upcoming PET scan, but that got rescheduled at the last minute for this week so not a whole lot of running went on last week either. So as I enter week 14 I squeezed in 5 miles today and will take the next two off before my scan on Wednesday. Which thankfully due my mental vacation during week 12 I'm ready to take on the massive PET scan machine to prove there is no cancer residing in my body. In fact, as I lay there, annoyed to be in a position to need a PET scan I'll be telling cancer it can bite my ass because I'm done with it. Come Thursday I'll hit the pavement and catch up to the 7 mile mark where I should be.


Jake and I finally found the answer to our furniture dilemma for our upstairs hallway. We have this annoying echo problem in our living room. With every piece of furniture added and every curtain hung a little prayer was said that maybe that was the final something that was needed to hush the echo. No such luck. I even asked the woman who cleans the house (she cleaned this house for the people who lived here before too) if she ever noticed an echo. She said no, she never remembered hearing one. We have the same amount of furniture, maybe even more, than the previous owners, but the echo remains. I even thought back to when we looked at the house and I don't remember hearing one. The only thing we can think is that the previous owners had a bookshelf and toy chest in the upstairs hallway (the living room has a high ceiling with an open staircase so you can see the upstairs hallway from downstairs) and we have not one piece of anything up there. We didn't want a bookshelf for fear it would look too cluttered so we've been on the hunt for a unique, but narrow console-ish piece. Here is what we settled on. I never thought we'd choose a red piece, but I love it!

We also chose an antique trunk and runner for the floor. Here's hoping the echo takes a hike and I like red furniture in my hall.

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Jen said...

That's pretty. I like it!