Monday, October 15, 2007

Privates not so private

Today, while volunteering in Nate's class I look up from the board game I'm playing with 4 other kids to see a little boy and girl laying inside a block design which resembled a bed. It sounds innocent enough, but they were laying very close, front to front with their arms around one another. It held my glance for a moment before I turned back to the game. A few moments later I see them in the corner looking down at their mid section occasionally looking up to see if anyone had spotted them. They see me and quickly move on to another "private" location. Ms. C is at her desk doing small group reading so it's my job to hold down the fort as best I can. I realize I'm way over my head when I see the little girl pull down the front of her shorts to show the boy her you know what. I recognize I'm not equipped to handle this situation so I excuse myself from the game and head over to Ms. C and fill her in. I'm sure she's handled numerous situations just like it over the years and I'm SO thankful I didn't have to!


Mom Tu-Tu said...

Oh my! I wouldn't know what to do or think either! Thank goodness for teachers.

Jen said...

Ha. I don't have to deal with that situation...they do that at home...or in the bathrooms. :)

Anna said...

Recently, while in the bath Scarlett found her clitoris (her teenage self is cringing already).

She asked, "Mommy, me touch it."

"I guess," I replied shakily. Suddenly, I had a flash of my daughter running around school with her hand down her pants.

I stammered, "Only in private...when no ones around...when you're 34."

"Alright," she said.

Disaster averted.

Anna said...

why can't you edit your comment? stupid blog thing.