Thursday, October 4, 2007

Another Birth Story

This comes to you one day early...the kids and I leave later today to visit my Grandmother and I didn't want to miss sharing the birth day of little Reese.
It was the horrible hurricane season of 2004 and I was exhausted from evacuating.....begging my doctor to let me stay in the hospital instead of joining the rest of Florida on the highway, but to no avail. Finally, on my 38 week checkup he suggested I be induced the following Monday as Reese was already 8+ pounds. I had had a nasty "exit wound" with Nathan and the doctor did not want that to happen again. I jumped at the opportunity, while Jake hesitated a little bit, wanting Reese to come when he was ready. I obviously vetoed him and we headed to the hospital the afternoon of October 4th. When we arrived at the hospital I was already having contractions so Jake felt better about our intervention. I made it very clear to the doctor the moment I found out I was pregnant that a wanted an epidural this time and after an evening on pitocin I got one at 4 cm. Praise the Lord! It was a beautiful thing. I literally slept for about an hour after getting the epidural and Jake caught up on some reading. I woke up about the time the doctor came to check me and I was 9 cm....and had slept through the whole thing! Not 15 minutes after the doctor left I told Jake I needed to push.......they grabbed the doctor before he left and 25 minutes later Reese entered the world at 1:25 pm Tuesday, October 5th, weighing 8 lbs. 4 oz. As the nurses were cleaning him up he screeched "OUCH" (or what sure sounded like it) and the room filled with laughter. We should have known then he would be a chatterbox! Happy 3rd birthday little man.


Mom Tu-Tu said...

I hope your little guy has a great birthday!

Stacy said...

I've been reading your recent posts with a baby in arms and haven't had a chance to comment. Even now, I'm reaching around a napper to type this out...

But I wanted you to know that these posts have been great :) Love the birth stories!

Hope everyone had a super-happy birthday!