Monday, August 6, 2007

Week 3

I'm starting to get into a pretty good routine of exercise now. I'm actually enjoying it. I'm still on the treadmill and haven't attempted an outdoor run yet. That will have to wait until the kids start school. I've worked up to 2.5 miles and hope to run my first 5k by the end of the week. As my runs get longer I have to make sure I find something good on TV so my mind doesn't focus on the running. Commercials are torture to run through!

I've always been good at setting a goal and sticking to it so I'm already brewing up my next challenge once the half marathon is over. I'd hate to see myself work so hard just to let it all go after the run. Ann-Marie said she's always wanted to do a mini-triathlon so we've tossed around the idea for 2008. First, she has to give birth to that little baby growing in her belly and I have to finish this run I've committed to! I think I can handle the biking and running I'm just not sure about the swimming. I have a thing about swimming in river or ocean water. I'm always concerned about what's lurking below that I can't see. I guess I'll have to get over that.

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