Monday, August 20, 2007

First Day of School

Reese had his first day of pre-school today. He was so cute as we got ready for his big day. He couldn't wait to get his backpack on and once he did he had a hard time keeping his balance. I wasn't surprised because it held a lunch box, change of clothes and his blankie for rest time. That's a lot of stuff for a little dude to hold. Despite its weight he insisted on wearing it out to the car and then again once we got to his school.

It was a tear free day for all involved...thank goodness. The teacher had asked that parents make the goodbye short and sweet so I did just that. When we walked in Reese made his way to the sand table and was so involved with the sand and his new friends he hardly noticed when Nate and I said goodbye. When I picked him up I was full of questions, asking him about his day. I wasn't sure how much information I'd get since he's still just 2. He told me he played on the playground in a pretend boat, ate the chocolate off of us cupcake first and used Ms. Aimee's potty. Ms. Aimee said he didn't cry and even fell asleep at nap time. I hope the rest of this week goes as smooth as today. I'm proud of my little guy.

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Jen said...

What a sweet picture.