Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I got a much welcomed call from Jen (thanks for calling girl) tonight. It was so great talking to her. Because my dad was in the military I moved a lot growing up and never had the privilege of having friendships that spanned more than a few years. I met Jen just before starting junior high when we were 14 years old. We clicked right away as we were so grateful to meet someone as tall as each other . The rest of the late bloomers finally caught up to us, by that time we were already fast friends. Just as our friendship became inseparable I moved to Florida, but we've always stayed in touch, being in each others weddings etc. Now, we both have two boys 3 years apart in age and each have a "Jake" that we are madly in love with. We both vowed to talk more often and as soon as I got off the phone I programed her number into my cell phone.....I'll call soon.

I also heard from Melissa, another friend I haven't heard from in awhile and we made plans to meet for dinner Thursday night to catch up. I love a good girls night out!

Here's to girl friends.

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Jenny said...

Now I'm gonna cry. :)