Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Soccer Camp

Wacky Wednesday at Soccer Camp

Nate's been in soccer camp all week. It took him until today to really get into it. The poor guy got my shyness. He spend the first 20 minutes on day one and two fighting back tears as he tried to fit in. Part of me just wanted to rescue him and the other half vowed to encourage him to stick it out and make new friends. I managed to find a good mix of both and after he warmed up to the situation he had a blast.

I tow my beach umbrella, cooler and toys and Reese and I hang out and watch. There are about 20 kids and a handful of moms hang out and watch. Reese made friends with a cute little three year old girl named Macey. He wanted her to play whales with him (he had two), but she quickly informed him she only liked blue whales that had smiley faces. Unfortunately we only had the back Shamu unsmiling ones. I've never seen such a small kid carry such a big attitude.

Then of course there is the mom how has berated her young son over some mishap every day so far. Today he apparently hit another player so of course that should be addressed, but I don't think yelling at him (very loudly) that he has embarrassed her and how ashamed she is of him. Made me so sad for the little guy.

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Jen said...

Love the pic of him at the top---he seems so COOL!
I liked the Shamu story. You and Reese should have informed the girl that life is more often the black unsmiling Shamu than the smiling blue whales. :)