Saturday, August 9, 2008

I can tie my shoes and potty progress

Oh, to have something to blog about other than health....pure bliss!

Yet another milestone has been crossed. Nathan officially learned how to tie his shoes today. He's been practicing here and there, but today when we promised to get him a Star Wars toy he's been wanted if he mastered the skill he jumped right to work. He tied them 20 consecutive times, double not and all. Go Nathan!

One of our other summer goals was to get Reese sleeping without a pull-up at night. He's been potty trained for nearly 2 years, but I like my sleep so much that I haven't pushed the issue of night training. Finally, we took the plunge...cut out the before bed drink, made a chart with stickers and promised him his own special toy if he could make it 30 days with a dry bed. Four nights of success and counting!

And I thought with our crazy summer we'd never make it!


Esther said...

Hurray boys!!! You guys are awesome 'traniners'!

Jenny said...

Good boys!

Daddy-O said...

Glad to hear that things are finally reverting back to more "normal" topics.

Our latest "training" saga up here is getting Scarlett to sleep by herself. Ever since Mason was born she has had Anna sleeping in her room (one effort to give her more one-on-one attention). So far we have made it two nights with her going to bed by herself!