Sunday, June 15, 2008

Work, the Red Sox, and what's her name...

The rest of Sunday has been better, with a few minor exceptions. I have got more work done today then all of the other days here combined. You know those long rectangular rolling tables that can adjust to almost any height? Well, it works great too for rolling it up to a chair and spreading out your work along with a steady stream of Diet Cokes to keep you awake. I can't lay out full size drawings but I can review almost everything else I brought with me. Over lunch I went back at the hotel room to:

a. catch up on the Red Sox game which I only knew was on because they kicked me out to the waiting room from ICU at one point today (more of that foreshadowing thing I mentioned in a previous blog) and I just sat there nervously flipping channels while a family behind me all wept together (I kind of felt like a jerk, but what else can you do because you have to sit by the waiting room phone for them to call you back again???). In hindsight maybe I should not have yelled with joy and then did a victory lap (okay 4 victory laps) around the waiting room when Ellsbury scored in the first knowing somehow that was going to be enough for Beckett.

b. eat some lunch. I can't do the cafeteria here too often, it brings me back to freshman year at FSU when every meal was in their cafeteria and you can only eat fiestadas so many times. What's a fiestada anyway, it looks like pizza but has no sauce and a mystery meat on it?

c. get some work done where I can lay out full size drawings and watch the red sox game while I ate. That's the triple combo for me, productivity including sports, food, and when I run out of other things to amuse me get some work done.

Back to what's her name. The Red Sox, that's my girlfriend I'm in love with at the moment. They were up 9-0 behind Beckett and 5 dingers with both Manny and Big Papi sitting out against a promising young Reds team. I love my girl, now let's just hope the Celts bring it home tonight!

Hope by the way, was not feeling too hot when she woke up late morning. She was nautious again and threw up. Now that doesn't feel good anytime, but when you're not supposed to move your head, haveg a trach, swelling, and who's know what inside her mouth at this time it's tough to watch. They eventually made me leave the room and had the doctor examine how she was doing. No damage done, just an unbelievable scary time for her and a mess to clean up. They had to roll her over which takes 4 to 5 people to keep everything in line and not move her head much. In the end though, I think they found the right combo of happy place cocktails for her because since then she's done nothing but sleep with no nausea to speak of. Some of the contact I have had with her I wrote about on previous blogs with the hand squeezing has not happened again since yesterday. She can tell me what's wrong with some prodding when she wakes up, but otherwise is non-responsive and just wants to sleep. I think it's great, sleep and heal, sleep and heal, sleep and heal.

Another thing I just realized this morning while stewing in the waiting room, at that time we were basically only 40 hours from rolling her into ICU from surgery. I think all that's happened in such a short period of time has me thinking she should be further along. She's actually doing great (except for the nausea) when I think back to what the docs told us. She'll probably stay like this through Monday which is not a bad thing at all. I guess the short periods of good communication got my Hope (I kill me when I do that) up too high. She should just be sleeping and barely conscious to forgo feeling like her body probably does right now. I would think without the drugs being run over by a truck or Teddy Bruschi would feel better then what her body has been through. I think I was expecting too much because of early short moments of good stuff. They also put her back on the ventilator, but only as a pre-caution. She breathed on her own for at least two hours by my count.

I do feel like any moment she's going to wake up, pull a Talia Shire by grabbing my hand, I'll ask if there's anything I can do for her, and she'll say WIN! Just WIN! Then the music starts, bomp bompa bomp bompa bomp bomp bomp, bomp bompa bomp bompa bomp bomp bomp (that's my first ever attempt at writing out music, my cousins Keith & Brad are now going to be sick at the attempt). Then Mick will get up from his half drunk, half comatose slumped over sleeping in the chair for two weeks body, and say in his best thick NY accent grisly voice, "then whatta we waitin' for!" I just got goose bumps thinking about Rocky then going out and beating Apollo Creed by 1 second. Ultimately Rocky got his revenge from losing in Rocky I if you ever saw Action Jackson. That was a train wreck before it started. Like Rocky, the Sox and the Celts, Hope is on her way to be champion of Cancer...again for the last time.


Keith said...


Thank you for keeping us up to date. We're thinking of you both, and rooting for Hope to continue to stay ahead of the curve and recover quickly.

And no, I didn't get sick at the onomatopoeic (had to look up the spelling) music -- I think it was the Action Jackson reference that did it.

Hang in there. We're rooting for all your girlfriends.


AnnMarie said...

i know i asked the dr to leave her "sleeping beauty style" for 5-6days post op if he could. (i also asked him to use all the fat i was storing up in my hip and thigh for Hope but he ignored me).

so sorry she got sick, i know she was dreading that happening...maybe she'll get the "amnesia" medication and won't remember.

keep up the posts, great job