Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sweet Sunday

Sunday morning now and Hope had a good overnight, she threw up a little but nothing too bad. They just cleaned her up and she's resting hard. I've already seen one of her docs, and because of yesterday they pretty much said they'll keep her on the breathing machine today and not mess with her happy place meds much. I don't think she will remember anything from yesterday, one of her meds is almost like amnesia. The more I learn about this stuff the more I want some for me!!! I think before she's back on her feet I may have to go back and edit these blogs. I'll write something like miracle day 2, 3, 4, etc. Kind of like how Pony Boy does on the Outsiders, just keep dreaming and seeing those sunsets.

I know her heartbeat will be racing tonight, after all it's game 5 of the Celtics/Lakers with a chance for the Celts to clinch. Whew, I needed a hit of the breathing machine just thinking about within one year the Red Sox win it all, the Pats get to the championship undefeated but unfortunately lose on the flukiest of all plays while David Tyree (yes the David Tyree of 4th string receiver fame) catches a duck thrown by the new evil Manning brother (it's no longer Peyton in my book, well until next season) who some how clumsily stumbles out of the Pats D-line grasp on third and impossible while Tyree holds onto the ball with one hand behind his helmet (just so you know I and all of New England will never get over that play --- similar to the setback in when Doug Dorsey (by far D.B. Sweeney's finest film) in the Cutting Edge gets blasted in his last hockey game and has to take up figure skating with Kate (I think that was Moira Kelly's only movie) the snobby skating princess. Hope makes fun of me all the time and I look forward to her dong that again soon because I still tear up for that damn movie for some reason and watch it every time I come across it. Don't worry, my Rocky man fetish doesn't go over to D.B. Sweeney. Now the Celtics have a chance to do what the Cutting Edge has done, make me cry with all the glory of 3 championship Boston teams.

I feel much better about Hope today, I think it will be a day of rest and more recovery. In my opinion, keep her knocked out for a few more days and let her wake up out of this bad dream with most of her functions. Thank goodness I don't think she'll remember the events to date. Thanks Roo for the advice about hospitals on the weekends, you definitely made me feel better about yesterday. It was, to steal one of my all-time favorite movie lines from Clint Eastwood in Heartbreak Ridge, a "clusterfuck." By the way, it must be great having such an incredibly successful movie career as Clint playing the exact same character in 185 movies, and you can't even hear what he says. I think with a name like Clint though, who's going to tell you that you didn't get the part?

Speaking of crying, don't get me started on Million Dollar Baby or I'll be spraying my lap top. One last thought about Stitch Jones in Heartbreak Ridge, how Mario Van Peebles didn't go on to a better career after watching him sing, fight, shoot, and then use his credit card to save the US Marines with a long distance phone call I'll never understand. It's probably the same thing that kept me from making the junior high school basketball team in 7th grade, politics of the game. Not that I hold a grudge or anything. Today is going to be a sweet Sunday...


Myrtle's Mayhem said...

All I got to say is "toe pick"

Here's to a great Sunday.


Esther said...

It's great to hear things are better today. Happy Father's Day, Jake! And if you're able to sneak some of those meds please save some for me...I could use a little amnesia most days. 8-)

Anna said...

OMG, you pulled out Cutting Edge...while not the best ice skating movie (see Ice Castles) Sweeney and Kelly make a fine pair. I love the combination of hard liquor, tights, and razor sharp boots. Sound like a winning weekend. I can't wait for Hope to laugh at the blog.