Thursday, June 19, 2008

Trache out

I just had my trache removed. Pretty simple and it is so much better. I felt really old having that plastic thing hanging out of my neck. Reminded me of my days working at the ENT office and wondering how people handled them.

And there is a possibility I'll go home tomorrow. I'm eating (through a tube) now and that was the only major hold up. Wish me luck.


AnnMarie said...

YEAH! You are progressing so fast! Great job :) xoxooxox

Grandma said...

That is great news and so happy about your improvements in all ways. You are a tough little girl. Can't you just hear Grandaddy saying " that's our little Hopie".
Keep going.


Myrtle's Mayhem said...

Yippy!! So glad to hear!


Esther said...

You must be setting new records for recovery. You go girl! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Sunshine,
Glad your surgery is over with and I’m sure you’re looking forward to going home. You know the best thing for you now is some Jack Johnson. The show is sold out but I have a ticket with your name on it. Please consider it as part of your healing process.
You are a trouper! Love Natalie

Myra said...

WOW. You are recovering so fast. You will be talking before you know it.
Keep it up.


Jen said...


Alyson said...

Amazing work! You are so strong and upbeat; it's inspiring. Such a treat to see your posts although we've thoroughly enjoyed Jake's, especially his supper-on-a-stick sentiments. Our best to you both and the boys as you finish your ride and get off this dang rollercoaster for good!
Alyson and Dave

domingo79 said...

Hey there Hope! It is such a great suprise to see that you are blogging! Jess and I have been reading constantly and sending our thoughts your way. I am glad to see that you are recovering so well!! Jake did an excellent job of keeping us all both informed and entertained! Well, keep kicking ass:) with the recovery and keep us posted. Welcome back.

Domingo and Jess

Life is beautiful... Mostly said...

Yeah for you! So glad you are doing well. I hope you are able to go home!


Roo said...

Jake and you both could go on tour and public speak for hospital events. The Star Wars reference will help me deal with my trach pts with a smile. Love You and see you soon. R

Rachel said...

We love you!!