Thursday, April 3, 2008

Naked Idiot

As I'm driving down the road yesterday afternoon to pick up the kids from school I see two guys walking along the sidewalk towards me, one waving a shirt over his head. As I get closer I notice it's his shirt waving in the air and that he's holding up his pants in the front just enough to cover his goods, but low enough to share a view of his pubic hair. As I pass I glance in the rear view mirror only to see that in the back his pants are way down below his butt. I think, "What an idiot". Then, I realize I'm about two pick up two 6 year old's and a 3 year old and drive right past him again. I get mad. I remember I have the police department's phone number in my cell and call and report the naked idiot. Not sure what if anything happened with it, but he was gone when I drove back through.

Reese scraped his leg the other day and says, "Mom, did part of me fall off?"

We just got a screen door added to our back porch so the kids can get to the back yard without having to walk past the pool. What a relief! Now, the can go in and out all summer long. It is so cool they are old enough to go play in the backyard without having to wait on me to go with them.

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AnnMarie said...

once, coming from Tampa on I4, I saw a man completely naked walking right on the side of the road. I think of that sometimes when I drive past that spot...always wondered what his story was! i mean really, how does one lose ALL their clothes?