Thursday, March 13, 2008

What Works For You?

I'm trying to eat the right things, in the right quantity and I think I'm doing okay, but I need your wisdom and tips to help me do better. Here are a few of our tricks. What are yours?

1. Eat off of a small plate (Thanks to Grandma for teaching me that one).
2. Substitute unsweetened applesauce for oil in baking (it doesn't work with brownies though).
3. Use egg whites instead of egg.
4. Don't eat after 7pm (that's a hard one).
5. Don't drink your calories. Jake only allows himself 1 soda a day. I don't like soda of any kind (I'm strange) so limiting soda is an easy one for me. We mostly drink water and milk. Hot chocolate is my weakness though.
6. We grill everything and fry nothing.

My ticker has stalled out much sooner than I thought it would so I guess it's time to step it up.


Stacy said...

I bet you'd see a difference if you exchanged milk for water. Water, water, water.

Food-based multi-vitamin. If your body is starved for nutrients, it will sometimes hold onto weight because it thinks it is in an emergency situation and doesn't want to starve.

White bread and MSG are the devil.

Stacy said...

btw, I use regular natural applesauce for 50% of oil and it works VERY well. I've used it at 100% too but it's not as good...

I've also used coconut oil and it is a good healthy alternative...