Friday, March 7, 2008

Bikes and Cranes

I realized something this week. Reese isn't a baby anymore. I mean, I've known he's not a baby anymore, but strangely, this week I've realized he is this little boy doing wonderful little boy things, no longer just along for the ride in whatever it is the rest of us have going on. We went out shopping for a "soccer shirt" (any shirt with a soccer ball on it, preferably in green) yesterday and out to lunch just the two of us. Today, I went to his school to cheer him on in his Trike-a-thon. I'm so proud of the little man he has become and vow to do a better job cheering him on in his little..make that... BIG adventures.

We always know when Spring is around the corner here. Check out these brand new baby cranes we found on a walk through our yard with Mommy and Daddy Crane.


Jen said...

Fine. I get a duck in the road and you get beautiful cranes. :)

Great pictures. I have a green soccer shirt. You want me to send it?

Hope said...

The house next door is for sale. You can move down here and enjoy the cranes with me!

We never did find a green soccer shirt. Seems like such a basic boy shirt and we couldn't find one! The search continues.

I see the both of us are up early again on a Saturday morning!

Jamie said...

Those are great pictures!