Friday, January 4, 2008

Back to Normal

The last of our visiting family made their way home yesterday and we're getting back to normal. We were crazy busy and I'm glad to be getting back in our routine, yet I miss them all and so much.

I always get excited about decorating for the holidays, but when the holidays are over I can't wait to pack it all up and get it out of the house. Jake returned to work yesterday, after 13 days off (a miracle in itself) so the kids and I boxed up all the decorations. We cut some lower branches off of the Christmas tree and made a fire in the fireplace. Building a fire is normally Jake's job, but I've watched him enough I thought I could handle it. I realized we put too many tree clippings in the fireplace because when we lit it we had to backed up from the blaze. I played cool with the kids, but it freaked me out. It died down pretty quick and left a nice steady fire for a couple of hours, but I think I'll leave future fires to Jake.

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Jen said...

Fires in the fireplace weird me out too. Even when Chris makes them. Probably a result of me never having a fireplace growing up.