Sunday, December 30, 2007

I know, I know

Shortly after Jake's birthday company arrived and we still have company so I've hardly even turned on the computer. Jen, thanks reminding me to update....I've been thinking about it for days and needed that little nudge. Oh, and I LOVED the necklace you were wearing on your Christmas card!

Jake's sister, Kristen (Hi Krissy) came the Saturday before Christmas and we had such a great time visiting with her. She headed back to CA just as Jake's brother, Kurt and his family arrived and they are here until the 3rd. It's been great seeing everyone, but I'm exhausted. Today, everyone has gone in different directions so the kids and I will stay at home and for some R & R.

Christmas Eve the kids made cookies for Santa and reindeer food (oatmeal and glitter) for the reindeer and sprinkled it in the front yard. They were so excited, in fact, Nathan was up several times during the night watching the clock. Christmas morning Nathan woke us up about 6:45 and after potty breaks and coffee the unwrapping began. Later in the day, more family arrived and we had a really nice Christmas dinner. It was a great day.

We met up with some high school friends yesterday and got all of our kids together. It was great to see everyone.

I'd blog in more detail, but I'm running on fumes and don't have it in me. I'll post pictures later today.


Jen said...

Sounds busy! Enjoy a restful day of trash TV or just napping. I know I will! :)

Anna said...

ahem, don't forget about us... :)

Hope said...

Can you tell my mind is fried? It was great to see you and I won't forget you guys when I post pictures.