Thursday, November 15, 2007

Normallcy Returns

What I thought was allergies or just a little case of the sniffles turned into a cold that has kicked my butt for 5 days. Each day I thought I felt better, but it wasn't until yesterday that I began to feel good again.

Cheryl and I had scheduled our last run together before the marathon which is in just 11 days. I was determined to make it. I aimed for distance since I was on the rebound and we walked our 6 miles. The course is such a scenic, quite trail and it was really nice to walk and chat. When we run we don't usually talk since iPods are in our ears and we're trying to ignore the huff and puff of our own breathing.

I haven't posted my weekly running entries simply because there hasn't been much to report. I've really enjoyed my short runs (2-3 miles), but the long ones bore me. The great thing about this training is that I am exercising consistently which has never been a strength of mine and intend on keeping that up.

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