Friday, November 16, 2007

Finally Getting To It

I was inspired by us finally doing something with the upstairs hallway, that I got the motivation to take on my lack of curtains in the house. We painted every wall before we moved in so the curtains the previous owners left behind just didn't match so we took it all down and it has remained that way for a year and a half. We did hang some curtains in the living room a while back, but window coverings are my decorating weakness so it was easier to do nothing...and I did it well.

I finally made a decision on the dining room and with moms help this is what it looks like now.

Next week I tackle the boys rooms! Here's to progress.


AnnMarie said...

looks great, did adding the furniture to the hallway upstairs stop the echo problem?

Jenny said...

BEAUTIFUL. Love that color and how it ties into the color in the painting.