Monday, September 3, 2007

Week 7

Somehow this week got away from me and I didn't do my regular posting. I caught myself thinking many times that it was my first full week of having the kids in school and I should be blogging, blogging and more blogging. But, obviously, that didn't happen. I had all these things I had saved to do once I had some free time and got ahead of myself.

Twelve weeks until the marathon.......I woke up Sunday morning before everyone else, put on my new running gear (running shorts with a cool pocket for my cell phone and house key, a pink fit-dri shirt and my Nike iPod armband). I headed out just before the sun with a route in mind, not knowing how many miles it was or if I could even run the entire thing, but I looked like a runner so maybe I was a runner. I passed a few walkers and a few early risers getting their newspaper, waved "Hi" and smiled and thought to myself, "Yea, I'm just an athlete out for a run. Can you see my muscles?" Who the hell was I kidding? However, it did seem to pump up my confidence and kept me running. I ran and ran and ran, stopping briefly at the pavilion for a visit to the water fountain and then right back to running. I didn't bring a watch so I had no idea how long I had been gone or how far I had run, but I came to a point were I stopped and walked for a bit, caught my breath and started running again....all the way back home. When I got in the house everyone was up and I gathered up the kids while Jake stayed behind to read the paper. We hopped in the car to retrace my steps and see how far I managed to run......4 miles! I was so #%$@! impressed with myself!

I'm in love with my iPod. Jake and I stayed up late Saturday night listening and downloading songs. My running play list starts with Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's and ends with the Rocky theme song. Just when you feel like you can't run another minute the song hits you and you just keep going! I love it.


Jen said...

Loved this entry. Could totally see you out running and waving at people.

You go, chick!!!

You like those flashback entries? HAHAHA!!

Anonymous said...

great job!!! sometimes when you don't know how far it is the better! ann-marie