Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Ladybugs and Swimming

We got this ladybug land and loved it. It was solid entertainment for weeks. We just let our ladybugs out in the yard today. We were a bit sad to see them go.

The kids are 4 days into swimming lessons. It was a horrible 6 week (5 days a week) experience last year so I wasn't looking forward to it. To my amazement there was no crying today and both boys were swimming and laughing. I'm so glad we stuck to it. We are doing the same program as last year, just a different instructor which seems to have made the difference. They should finish pretty quickly since it's just a refresher course. Last night they both jumped in the pool from the side and swam underwater all on their own.

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Anna said...

I checked out the bug website and wow, who could order some of those things? It would creep me out to have horned worms and cockroaches growing in my house. However, the ladybugs were super cute!