Thursday, March 1, 2007

School Days

I signed Reese up for preschool today. Seems like just yesterday the little man was born. And next month I register Nathan for Kindergarten.........sigh. Come August I'll be an empty nester, at least a few days a week. I find myself feeling a little sad and excited. Sad that those baby years have slid by too fast and excited about FREE TIME. What will I do with myself? Jake says (sarcastically), "Get a job." All kidding aside, I was starting to feel a bit guilty about my lack of desire to head back to the workforce when I realized, Reese is only going to be in school about 10 hours a week. Plus, I've had a hell of a 5 years so I'm devoting a good portion of those 10 hours a week to me. Maybe read a book. I've read one book since Nathan was born, two if you count What to Expect the First Year. It's a privilege to be where I am (thanks Babe) and I hope I use it wisely. Feel free to send me nasty messages when I blog about my hardships and boredom.


Jen said...

If you want a book list, let me know! :) I can't believe your little one is that big already.

Anna said...

Sounds like a great opportunity to put in some volunteer hours. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Come have lunch with me when I move! Also, thank God every day you don't have to work out there with crazy people.