Monday, March 5, 2007

Great Weekend

Nathan had his first soccer game of the season Saturday morning. Last year he didn't get into it, but since this is the last year that a parent plays on the field with their kid we thought we'd give it one more try. He loved it. It was cold and I sat on the sidelines and cuddled with a grumpy Reese who really wanted to be out there playing too. Reese told me the other day he had "soccer feet" so no doubt once he turns 4 he'll be out there too.

Sunday Jake's parents and my mom came over for a little grilling on what turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous day. We convinced Jake's parents to go to an open house two doors down from ours. The house just went on the market and we are trying to recruit someone we know to buy it. Any takers? The house was really nice and I think they are giving the idea of living closer to us some serious thought. Who would have thought?

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Jen said...

You have some good lookin' boys there, Hope! Look at that attitude Nathan is sporting up there. And he's so tall! Reese has "soccer feet"? Love it.