Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Short Post

Hi All, it's me, Hope. I'm sure Jake will continue to post for awhile, but I just wanted to pop in and say Hi and thanks for all the well wishes. I'm so HAPPY to be home. I'd be even happier if I NEVER saw the inside of a hospital again! It was truly a nightmare. I'm feeling much better today, even washed the dog and did a load of laundry! Oh, the wonderful feeling of doing normal stuff. My neck is still a bit swollen and stiff and I'm not eating yet, but hopefully in a couple of weeks that will change back to normal too. Strangely, I haven't missed food, but I'm sure when I can eat I'm going to dig into some guilt free chips, chocolate and pasta!

Mere, had a dream you owned a really cool stationary store.......oh the dreams I had while medicated! At least that one made sense! Sorry for the choppy post, still feeling a little out of it. More later.


Esther said...

Welcome back! It's great to hear from you. I hope you have a great 4th w/Jake and the boys.

Jenny said...

So glad to hear from you and so glad you are home!
We love you! Happy Independence Day!

AnnMarie said...

glad to hear from you! keep recovering!


Anonymous said...

Glad to here you are getting some of your independence back on our 4th of July weekend. Just don't over do. Now that we know Jake can clean house.

Take care and we will have pleanty of chocolate in August.


Myrtle's Mayhem said...

And I love stationary so it makes sense. I hope your dream didn't add 10 pounds like the camera does!

We are so happy to hear you are home and continuing to recover!


Stacy said...

A short post is GREAT when it's from you :) Glad to hear from you!
Take care and keep getting better!