Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Smonday, Terrific Tuesday

We had a heck of a rough day, but some light at the end of the tunnel. Hope unfortunately was not doing well most of Sunday and Monday, vomiting throughout. It was the toughest time so far for me, and I'm sure she was feeling just a bit worse then I was. I mentioned before the vomiting is especially bad for her recovery. By the end of Monday when her main surgeon came by around 5:30 PM, he had had enough. He took her off the respirator, changed her pain meds so that she now does not have a constant drip and now has a button she can push herself when she needs more meds instead of all the time. Overnight she got sick again but only once. This morning they moved her to be vertical for the first time. While she feels nauseous, she has not thrown up this morning. I'm sure some of the nausea is do to being vertical for the first time in 5 days. She has had no problems breathing since being off the respirator which is great.

He also said despite her other tough symptoms, her surgery was looking good. Her unbelievable neck and leg scars were doing well, and she can start moving her head around a bit now too for the first time. I think all of the improvements I had anticipated would happen on Monday will happen today. She is starting to remember some things so I think the change in meds is sobering her up. Instead of Dazed and Confused high I think she's now Strange Brew drunk. She does not wake up confused anymore or scared.

She now has control of her own pain med for about the last 15 hours and has only pressed the buttom three times (according to her) overnight. That means the pain from the surgical areas is not too bad right now. Over the last 3 days every time I tell her something she doesn't remember, and most of the time when I tried to talk to her she didn't want me to talk at all. Even when it was about our kids, she just couldn't concentrate and listen or understand I think. Thank goodness for me I've had special training through my teen years on how to handle rejection from women (well not training as much as experience).

This is going to be very disjointed because things keep happening today. They just had the occupational and physcial therapists here and that went great. She sat up for the first time, stood up, and took a few baby steps before she sat down in a chair. She's in the chair now with much wires now, so instead of looking like she's in a bowl of spaghetti she's more like a hammock. One of the docs also came by and said they'll replace her trach probably later today. They'll give her a smaller one that when her tongue is ready she'll be able to talk through. We may end up going home with the trach.

Her bowels are still not working correctly, probably due to the extensive vomiting. Now that has hopefully stopped, they're hoping with time they will fix themselves. They took an X-ray to see how things look down there, but no report back yet. Until that clears up they still can't use the feeding tube, but that's really our only set back right now. They are even talking about looking for a regular room for us to move into later today or tomorrow. She is still swollen, kind of looks like Peter Griffin on Family Guy but with time hers will go away.

Speaking of Family Guy, with the exception of maybe the Office is there a finer comedy on TV? I don't get to watch much anymore with our crazy schedules, but what could be better then a drunk uncaring dad, talking dog in love with his master's wife, monkey that lives in the kid's closet, pedophile old man that whistles when he talks, sex-starved neighbor, always pregnant but never has any kids other neighbor with a husband in a wheel chair, kids that are dumb as a brick, one is probably a girl but you're never quite sure, and the youngest wants to kill his mom and take over the world. If that's not great comedy I don't know what is anymore.

Now most of your are probably wondering even more about how I'm handling the Celtics game 4 loss, FSU's elimination from the College World Series, and the Red Sox loss to the Phillies yesterday. Well the Celts, they had another almost amazing comeback but in the end decided to give their fans what they deserve by winning at home in Boston tonight. The Red Sox wanted to give the Phillies some confidence, and give everyone else a glimmering hope before they run away with the season. As for FSU, even having the best player in the country with Buster Posey was not enough. We seems to always make the Series but always choke it away. We had two runners on base, down by two in the 9th and couldn't pull the trigger. We tied an NCAA record for the most runners left on base in one game. The Celts will bring it home tonight and I'll be bringing Hope home before you know it. Thanks to all of you, and please do leave us comments if you're reading this because I appreciate them and I know Hope will want to see all of this when she's up to it.


Anonymous said...

That is great Hope got to get up and take some steps! We love the blog as it keeps us up to date with her recovery.
I must admit, I agree with you about Family Guy. Pretty funny!
Rach and Brad

AnnMarie said...

so glad to hear this is a better day. it's good that OT got her moving and now her recovery can move along.

I know you are board at the hospital so today on Oprah she has a special on Polygamy...just imagine..trying to get more than ONE wife to love you?


Anonymous said...

So thankful that the today is much better!! Thank you for taking such good care of Hope. What a blessing you are to her. Hope she will be able to soon begin her speech therapy. I know that must be very difficult to not be able to communicate. I can't stand to go to the dentist and have to try to answer questions while they are worknin in my mouth. I can't even guess what it would be like for Hope. But I hope that I never have to know.

We are checking the blog several times a day and night to see if there are any updates. Even though it is hard to read some of the details it is better to know how Hope and you are doing. So keep on bloging.


Stacy said...

I'm so glad to read this report of improvement! I'm praying specifically for the...ahem...bowels :) As gross as it is to disgust digestion, it's of uber importance that it works correctly, no??

I've never watched Family Guy but LOVE LOVE LOVE The Office!

Hang in there you guys!

Oso Polar said...

I'm so glad to hear that progress is being made. If I didn't grow up with her, I wouldn't believe how strong she is and how determined she can be.

[start of mushy stuff] I've never actually told you, but I am very glad she has you as a husband. [end of mushy stuff]. Hang in there and have a Pawtucket Pat's when it's all over.

-Big bro.

P.S. - I will deny having said anything mushy...

karen said...

Tell Hope, I have been thinking of her often and of course you and the boys..
By the Way this is Jen's Sister, Karen.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hope and Jake, I too have come by way of my sweet daughter-in-law, Jen.
I wanted you to know that you all are in our prayers. Everyone appreciates the good and entertaining job you have done in keeping us all up to date on Hope and her recovery. Hang in there!

Jenny said...

Chris, Jen, and Jen's Mom (Barb) reading. And I think my Aunt too!

Esther said...

It's great to hear Hope was already up and about. She is absolutely amazing. I can't wait to have our girls' day of movie watching and morphine cocktails so please let me know when Hope is moved to her own room. And keep up the great job with the blog. You're an incredibly entertaining writer so if you are ever bored w/engineering you know you can fall back on writing. LOL What do you think? By the way, how's that stash of amnesia meds coming? Is it sizeable enough to share???

Anonymous said...

So great to hear that Hope is up and about a little and more awake. THanks for keeping us updated about her progress. I'm so glad to see things improving. We think about you guys often. Take care and talk to you soon. Cheryl, Walter and Olivia

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Hope! I guess this was her day...let the recovery begin! You guys will be home before you know it! Spiros and Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, glad to see that Hope is making forward progress, things will be looking up from now on. We are still thinking about her everyday.

Jake, since you been so productive in the hospital environment, we decided to remove the carpet from your office and install vinyl flooring, and pump in some of that special hopsital smell that you've become so used to.....we think it's an improvement over those pomigranite candles that you used to have. Keep up with the entertaining stories and give Hope our best.

Alyson, Autsin, and Dave

Anonymous said...

Hi Jake, Thanks for the updates on Hope. I look forward to reading them. I am so glad she is doing better. Thank you for taking such good care of her. By the way if I need to go to the hospital can I depend on you taking such good care of me too???
Take care and keep us posted.


Anonymous said...

Jake, thank you so much for keeping up this blog. We are so glad to hear about Hope having a better day. We are thinking of all of you (Hope & the 3 Wise Men). Looking forward to additional updates and Hope's speedy recovery!!
Jessica & Joe

Anonymous said...

We've been reading your blog regularly and experiencing your ups and downs. So happy to hear today was a better day! Jake, thanks so much for taking the time to do this. We really appreciate the news. Sending good positive vibes and lots of love.

Aunt Lois and Uncle Cliff

domingo79 said...

Hey Jake, I am glad to hear that hope was able to get out of bed and walk a little. Every little bit of good news and progression helps. Before you know it, she'll be talking about what Oprah and Dr. Oz says is good for you and how to lower your "real age." Don't act you don't know what I am talking about!!:) I didn't catch the game, but I hope the Celtics pulled through...I guess I can check it out on the internet. Anyway, keep up the good work with wifey and with the blog!

Sending our thoughts,
Domingo and Jess

Daddy-O said...

I'm glad that you're able to dish out the details here for everyone and thanks for the daily calls.

If it helps you get over all those other loses, remember that FSU just won the Men's NCAA Track and Field meet last week . It was held at Drake University before all that flooding started in Des Moines.