Friday, June 13, 2008

Funky Friday

Hope is helping me with this blog. She is lazily laying down next to me, able to communicate by squeezing my hand with one squeeze for yes, and two for no. She also is able to write short notes, although Nathan's handwriting is better right now. We are calling this one funky Friday because Hope and I spent a bunch of time together last night and most of the morning, but she has no recollection. Which is cool, because all the dumb things I said in our mostly one-sided conversation I can now lie to her about and sound smart. If you read my first blog you can see that's how I trapped her over the years, in my David Koresh like style.

Hope is doing amazingly well, far ahead of what the docs told us. The main doctor performing the tongue surgery, Dr. E, is an absolute perfectionist according the ICU nurses and he's bragging about how well she is doing. They have taken her off the breathing maching for a total of 25 minutes so far, which is great that she is able to breath on her own some. They'll do more and more time off it until she's breathing on her own. It's great to have my own Darth Vader with me, although I think Hope is less evil then the good Darth. I'm using the force to help her heal, although I haven't been able to levitate her yet. I think that's because of the heavy blankets.

My mom has the boys over here, visiting with my brother that just happened to be in St. Pete this week on vacation with his family. Hope could not have planned this any better. We're not letting, nor would the hospital, the boys see Hope but it's great to have them nearby so I can go back and forth and not miss them so much. They are also able to give me extra hugs and kisses for mommy. They'll be leaving in the morning to go back to Melbourne for Nathan's first ever basketball game. I'm coaching the team so I'll be going back with them. My coaching style is like the Bad News Bears, I've got 7 kids, 5 that have never played, and they only let me have 1 45-minute practice before our first game. I also get drunk before and during the games, and mostly just curse at the kids because they're not playing better.

I'll be coming back Saturday afternoon to hang with the Hopester and show her pics from Natedog's game. I'll be staying in Tampa most of the rest of her time over here. That way I don't lose my mind control over her and keep her drinking the juice I've been giving her since I asked her to prom. It's worked this long, I just hope the hospital drugs don't let her realize what a big mistake she's been making. We thank everyone again for all the love and support, Hope's now in cruise control getting better by the minute. She's sleeping a lot of the time, which other then hanging with her boys and watching Oprah, it's her third favorite thing to do.


Myrtle's Mayhem said...

I'm pretty sure you had Hope at hello. (not really, but sounds good right). So happy to have this update. You two are an amazing couple.

hugs to you all


AnnMarie said...

the britt's send our love, i knew she'd blow them away!


Esther said...

It's awesome to hear she's doing so great. We knew she would. Keep up the great job! By the way, don't forget to let us know when it's ok to go visit her.

Kristy said...

I found your blog thru Jen (The Red Wheelbarrow). My prayers are with you all. What a very special & brave wife you have. My mother-in-law had major surgery yesterday for ovarian cancer. God never ceases to amaze me with His grace. May He richly bless you all and bring a speedy recovery to your wife.

domingo79 said...

I am glad to hear that Hope is recovering pretty well. I am sure you being there for her so much has something to do with it, love cures all wounds.