Friday, June 27, 2008

Fabulous Friday

Friday afternoon and while most of you are pining to get off work we are nowhere near an office just hanging out at the TGH. I think it kind of sounds cool calling it the TGH, kind of like 90210 instead of old people trying to look young while they have tragic events that occur once each week including falling madly in love with your best friends each week (normally a different one) while another friend tries to steal them away. So we're hanging at the TGH. Hope is doing better, talking a bit more now and it's getting harder to pretend I don't understand when she wants me to do something. She is swallowing we think on her own some because she's not vaccuuming nearly as often in her mouth. Her swelling has reduced even more, she's now reduced from Peter Griffin to mid-life Elvis. She had her staples removed from her leg and it's healing well. She's got some really cool scars that will disappear for the most part over time but have been working on stories to tell people. My favorite is that she took on a group of rogue bikers while I cried in the corner because they made fun of my Dora fanny pack. Well Reese wouldn't wear it and I couldn't let it go to waster. Any other ideas out there, we'll take them. She is supposed to get her neck sutures out today and stomach sutures for her tube on Monday so we're progressing well.

We're hoping to get out of here on Monday, so everyone envision Hope walking out of here on Monday while I carry the 7 bags we have accummulated in the room since our arrival. I brought two more in today including her hair dryer and a bag full of lotions that I couldn't believe from our house. I swear we have more lotions in our house then Macy's and that's just in my nightstand (oops, probably shouldn't have given out that much information). A huge thanks goes out to Esther and John (Hope's brother and sister in law, not necessarily in that order) for hanging out while I ran home for some work and laundry yesterday. Please don't tell Hope I know how to do laundry, it's taken me years to convince her otherwise. Do you know how many of her shirts I've had to ruin to get that rep? I also cleaned up the house because it was the first time back since we abruptly ran out on Sunday morning. Once again, Hope thinks I cannot vaccuum or do the dishes so would a grandmother please volunteer to take the credit for this work? I'll take the blame for the beer bottles and porn across the house unless a grandmother wants to take that hit too.

Hope just got back into bed from a successful poop (yes you get all the details from me) which is another good sign. She still has the catheder in but her pee bag is almost full and when she walks with the coat rack of drugs it waves around like our pool when Kurt cannonballs (that's some serious splashing by the way). You may notice I make fun of my brother a lot because it's easy to do, it's all true, and his wife reads the blog instead of him so she enjoys it. Anyway, Hope is really starting to be awake and sober a lot more (can't say the same for me) as I'm ready for a long comatose nap and definitely some desoberization soon (that sounds better to me and much more medical). I'm off to my desoberization group honey, don't wait up (that's Mons Venus with the boys). We'll keep you posted, and remember to please keep commenting as Hope loves to hear what you guys have to say and think although she's not always crazy about what I say. Thanks to you all for helping us through this!


Myra said...

That a girl Hope. Keep it up.

Jake, somehow Kurt will repay all you for all the comments.


Esther said...

Great to hear she's doing so well today. We really enjoyed hanging with her yesterday. Can't wait to see her again! 8-)

AnnMarie said...

keep up the good healing..Monday is just a few days away :)

thanks for the update, i was seconds away from calling you so now you get a break from talking to me again...for now :)


Grandma said...

Jake, It is good to hear from you again and glad Hope is still improving. I will be glad when you get home again but be sure she is ready to come and want have to go back.

Can't wait to see you again which will be soon. Keep us informed of Hope's progress each day. Monday will be here before you know it.


roo said...

Hope, Could you tell Jake that it is now officially driving me crazy! It is catheter. A foley catheter. I am glad that all systems are go. I saw Cheryl today and she told me Nathan when to camp today. We happen to meet at WallE. Jennifer P sent Cheryl pictures from her trip. She stated she would forward them. She had a good time she said. Your mom called with a status update. Reinforced that if you all need anything. Miss Y Ro
PS AC Moore is going out of business. Useless information.

Anonymous said...

Hope, I know I've told you this before under very different circumstances, but you are an amazing woman. I love you very much and hope our prayers are working. Just remember that scars and sitiches mean something very different here in Palm Beach County - I'm sure Jake will come up with some amusing stories. Also tell Jake not to mess with the lotions or the cotton balls. Love, Aunt Nancy P.S> and never ask us what they are used for.

Anonymous said...

Jake and Hope,
Glad to see things improving. I have been getting updates from Nancy and Trish, that way I would not have to bother Jake. Nathan rode with Olivia and Trinity to Zoo Camp this morning. He was very excited to go since today they got to pet a Boa and do some net dipping (I think that is catching fish?) All I know is that they were suppose to bring extra shoes because they would be muddy. I am glad to hear Hope is talking some. We look foward to you guys coming home. Please let me know if you need anything. Love you both, Cheryl

Anonymous said...

We continue to send prayers up for you and your family. We are glad you are improving daily and we hope you will be able to get back home soon.
Jake, keep up the good work!
Donna C
(Chris & Jen)

rach said...

Fantastic news!
Jake-I say go with the Dora fanny pack story.
rach, brad, liv and ethan